Meet Livia

Meet Livia

February 19, 2024

Behind the Design

After years spent searching for beautiful and functional accessories for her interior design projects, our founder Kelly Hinchman of Studio H Design Group, created the Livia Tray. It’s the perfect piece for your next charcuterie board and can also serve as a focal point on a dining table, console, or vanity.

This is our largest piece with the most surface area to use as you please. Whether you’re creating an aesthetic charcuterie board for your gathering, or artfully displaying your collected treasures.

 Square tray made from green onyxSquare stone tray made from black marble.


The magic happens when light interacts with the green and ivory onyx trays. Witness an extraordinary play of light as the onyx surfaces come alive, radiating a unique glow that sets the Livia Tray apart from the ordinary.

Tips on Styling

Add height to your space by stacking your favorite books on top of the Livia tray or display your favorite sculpture on this piece. Layering to create a collected look is always a good idea.

Styling of a coffee table with stone accessories and branches.

We also love creating a medley of stone and various materials by displaying metal candle stick holders or other stone boxes on our trays for added texture and intrigue.

Tag Us

We can’t wait to see how you bring our pieces to life in your space!

If you have purchased one of our Livia trays, or plan on doing so, tag us on social media using #studiohcollection.


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