Green Onyx Stone Decorative Bowl

Meet Pomona

January 15, 2024

Behind the Design

One day after an antiquing excursion, our founder discovered the Samoan Kava bowl. She was inspired by the shape, form and history of these unique bowls. Later on, it became the muse for our Pomona bowl along with the classical design of Grecian architecture. It serves not only as a visually stunning object but also as a versatile vessel, inspired by history.

Black marble decorative stone bowl on a breakfast nook table


Tips On Styling

Style your Pomona Bowls together or alone. Place the Pomona Bowl at the center of your table or display as a stunning focal point. The angular and curved elements of this piece showcase the intricate details and skill of our artisans.

Pomona bowl made from black marble on a white kitchen counter

You can also consider placing the Pomona on a stack of books or a decorative tray to add layers and elevate its presence within your decor.


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We can’t wait to see how you bring our pieces to life in your space.

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