Form Meets Function

Meet Studio H Collection

Stone pedestals with ribbing on the bottom. Made from marble and limestone holding books and decor.

After years of sifting through flea markets and trade shows around the world, Kelly and her team decided to make the products they couldn’t find anywhere else. The result is Studio H Collection—an assortment of artisanal, sculptural case goods and soft furnishings that embody her form-meets-function philosophy.

Kelly Hinchman is the founder and principal designer of Studio H Design Group. Known for her highly curated interiors, innovative furnishings, architectural details, and hands-on approach, she has developed a growing roster of clientele across the country. Her diverse portfolio includes residential, commercial, and hospitality projects that are wholly unique, edgy, and anything but cookie-cutter.

Each statement-making piece has a unique provenance, story, and (multi) purpose.

“One piece will elevate the whole style of your home.”

Kelly Hinchman

Hand-carved by skilled artisans

Studio H Collection brings the natural beauty and drama of solid stone into the home. A convergence of sculpture and functional design, these products serve as works of art with purpose. Each piece is hand-carved by skilled artisans and features unique variations created by Mother Earth.